Monday, February 27, 2012

Review: Death by the Dozen (2011)

"Does Vic know you're on of the judges?" Mel asked.
"I'm sure he must," Dutch said. "I was surprised he left World Chef to come and be a judge. But then, I'm sure when he realized it was another opportunity to screw me over, he jumped at the chance."
"Dutch, be serious." Mel shook her head.
"I am. They were filming in India, so why would he leave the shoot early unless he had a reason?" The bitterness in Dutch's voice was as tart as Mel's lemon curd but lacked its subtle aftertaste.
Synopsis: The Fairy Tale Bakery gang enter a baking contest where Mel has a relationship with every one of the judges, and the DeLaura brothers have airhorns.

Grade: C

Dear cozy mystery authors: not every series heroine needs a cat or dog. Although I confess, I did not totally hate Captain Jack.

My favorite parts of this series remain Olivia Puckett, villainess and professional unhinged Scottsdale businesswoman, and the 7 DeLaura brothers, who are like Snow White's 7 dwarfs, but with airhorns.

Didn't think this particular outing came together as well as previous recipes (see what I did there? BOO YAH) because of all the dang shenanigans at the cooking competition, but the romance seems to be bubbling along nicely, with just the right amount of sugar balancing out the lemon juice. (Okay I'll stop).

Also, and I know this is weird but: I love the cover of the book, and how after you read the book, the cover makes much more sense. This is the type of planning that warms the cockles of my devious little heart.

Next up: a recipe for candied heart-cockles in a crispy ginger crust.

Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Pumpkin creme brulee and the romantic heroine:

via author Penny Watson's blog:
Lucy was somewhat mortified that her hands shook each time she waited on him. When she leaned over the table to serve him her pumpkin crème brulée, his delicious scent hit her like a steam engine...smoky rum and dark spices. Rough callused hands gripped the shaking dish, and saved her the embarrassment of dropping the dessert in his lap. Horrified by her clumsiness, and totally unnerved by her reaction to him, she fled. But not before she noticed him peeking down her blouse. The look of hunger in his eyes had nothing to do with her crème brulée.

--Penny Watson, Sweet Inspiration
Very very tempting... (also, blog post contains the recipe for pumpkin creme brulee and now I am stuck at work thinking yummy thoughts and having to be content with a Clif Bar wah)