Saturday, March 24, 2012

Review: Lemon Meringue Pie Murder (2003)

It seemed that people could walk through life without causing a ripple, leading ordinary and uneventful lives. It was only after they'd been murdered that people took notice of them. And that thought was depressing.

Hannah sighed as she approached the private booth where her mother, Carrie, and Norman waited. There was only one cure for depression and that was chocolate. If her mother's cake wasn't gone by now, it would be shortly.
Synopsis: It's summer in Lake Eden and Hannah's younger sister Michelle is coming home for a visit. But before the family reunion can get under way, Hannah discovers the body of a local resident in the woman's basement. The only clue is one of Hannah's luscious lemon meringue pies on the kitchen counter with only one slice missing...even though from the looks of the victim's kitchen, she was planning an intimate dinner for two.

Grade: C

This is the first entry in the series that has struck a sour note with me (ba-dum-CHA!). The usually likeable Hannah here turns into a prude, sputtering with righteous indignation at such afronts as green hair, short skirts, alcohol and the possibility of romance for the developmentally disabled. She's becoming very difficult to stomach (rrrrrrrrimshot! Okay, I'll stop.)

Luckily, Lake Eden is still well-realized and interesting, the tension with her mother is still well done and the addition of a third Swensen sister is outstanding. The recipes are outstanding (the Cinnamon Crisps in particular sound amazing).

But Hannah needs to just pick a dude already.