Saturday, January 29, 2011

Review: Chocolate-Dipped Death, by Sammi Carter (2006)

Chocolate-Dipped Death by Sammi Carter:

Reminding myself that the search for Savannah was more important than staying in my comfort zone. I led Max up the sidewalk. Nod needing a haircut was just the top item on my list. I also didn't need waxing, buffeting, or polishing, nor did I need any part of my anatomy covered with acrylic. I just wanted to find out if Delta knew where to find Savannah.

Synopsis: Cheap, 200-page foodie mystery, set in a small-town candy store.

Eh. Eh.


Took me 45 minutes to read. On the one hand, swoopy fast read. And I did appreciate that the author was mean to her protagonist, because you know what? When you're down, and you feel like crap, when you feel like, well, chocolate-dipped death for example, the first people to kick you when you're down will oftentimes be your family. Oh hands up anyone who's never had that happen.

And things get worse from there! So go Sammi Carter for poking her protagonist with a stick. You open your mouth and snark off, your family and friends will turn on you.

At the same time, about 75 pages in, this book took a huge nosedive and started sucking. Which frankly, I blame on editing, not writing. Someone should have taken the plot in hand and returned it to the author to fix, because the first 75 pages are really, really good, so you know she can write.

Poor editing, dude. It's avoidable.

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