Saturday, January 29, 2011

Review: D*U*C*K*, by Poppy Brite (2007)

D*U*C*K: a tale of men, birds and one's purpose in life by Poppy Z Brite:

Shake knew his family was coming in for dinner, but he hadn't expected their arrival to be heralded by his father's loud and unmelodious voice singing the jingle that had advertised the family's pest control business since 1953. 'Don't let termites cave your WALL IN! Dial five two two six thousand, DAWLIN!'
A few minutes later the hostess ducked into the kitchen, a haunted look in her eye. 'My God, Shake, your dad--I just asked him where I'd heard your family name before, because it's so unusual, and he started, like, bellowing at me--'

Synopsis: Latest in the Liquorverse saga so far, Rickey and G-man take their kitchen crew to Opelousas to prepare 150 wild ducks for Rickey's childhood hero, Bobby Hebert.

Of course I loved it.

Reread. One of the books I turn to when it's 2am and I'm trying to be virtuous and go to sleep and yet failing badly. I love it because it's like a warm bath, these familiar characters in this familiar world, and this sweet story that's part of Rickey and G-man's history together, this swan song to a pre-Katrina New Orleans. I love Rickey and G-man together, being there for each other, but even more so, this book is all crew, about having people around you to count on. Anything more would spoil it, so I'm going to shut up now.

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